Nick’s House: Turning a Vipingo Apartment into a Dreamy Coastal Airbnb

 Nick’s House: Turning a Vipingo Apartment into a Dreamy Coastal Airbnb

Welcome to Nick’s House, a stunning three-bedroom apartment located in the heart of Vipingo, Malindi County, Kenya. Our latest interior design project transformed this cozy space into a coastal-themed Airbnb that captures the essence of coastal living. Join us as we take you through this fun and exciting makeover, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of ocean magic to their home.

Embracing the Beach Vibes

Nick had a clear vision for his apartment: a charming Airbnb that reflects the beauty of the nearby beaches. He had already picked out some beautiful furniture pieces, so we had the delightful task of integrating these with our creative touches to bring his dream to life.

Ocean Room

The first bedroom is a serene ocean-themed retreat. We adorned the walls with blue tie-dye hangings (find DIY here) that evoke the calming waves of the sea. Complementing the decor are unique fish-shaped bedside stools, adding a playful yet elegant touch. This room is a tranquil haven for guests seeking relaxation.

My favourite room

Sunset Room

In the second bedroom, we captured the vibrant hues of a coastal sunset. The centrepiece is a breathtaking sunset wall hanging that sets a warm, inviting tone. The room is bathed in shades of orange and brown, creating a cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel like they’re basking in the evening glow by the ocean.

We also worked on the art

Boat Room

The third bedroom channels the adventurous spirit of the sea with a nautical theme. We crafted giant boat oars from repurposed wood fence posts, making for a striking decorative feature. This room is perfect for guests who love the idea of setting sail on a new adventure, even if it’s just in their dreams.

A smiley to remind you that you are in a happy place

Driftwood Art: A Touch of Local Charm

To add a unique, local touch, we created bespoke artwork using driftwood collected from the nearby beach. These pieces not only enhance the beachy vibe but also bring a piece of the local landscape indoors, making Nick’s House feel truly special and connected to its surroundings.

Conclusion: A Coastal Escape

Nick’s House is now a dreamy Airbnb that beautifully showcases the charm of coastal living. Each room offers a unique theme that makes guests feel like they’re on a perpetual beach vacation. Whether you’re looking to escape the city or simply want a serene retreat, this Vipingo apartment is the perfect getaway.

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